Dust Control During Building Project

It is necessary to have a dust control plan before you start your home renovation project. You or your contractor must use effective systems to control dust. Once the construction project starts, dust is going to float in the air and spread everywhere. It will settle on all items and can even stick to the ceiling. All your walls, floors, furniture and other belongings exposed to the air will have dust after the construction project is over. There are many reasons why you should have proper dust containing system in place before starting any home renovation project.

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Dust is a pollutant. Fine dust can easily enter a person's respiratory system. The health problems can range from simple sneezing to extreme coughing. Babies, elders and people suffering respiratory health issues are at higher risk. Once the dust has entered the respiratory system, it will continue to cause health problems for weeks and months. It is also damaging to the health of the pets.

Damage to Your Belongings

Your household items left uncovered will be covered in dust after the renovation project starts. It is not easy to remove dust from every nook and cranny once it has settled on all surfaces. Many consumer items have intricate designs. It becomes a laborious and time consuming process to remove dust from all household items. Many boxed electronic and electrical items have slotted holes to let the internal heat get out of the device. The dust will enter through these holes and settle on the internal components. It means even if you clean the device from outside, the dust that collects inside the device will be left. It can damage the sensitive electronic components, cause operational problems, or reduce efficiency of the device. Expensive paintings and artworks can be damaged if dust builds up on their top surface. The damage can occur when you try to clean such items to remove the dust.

Regulatory Requirements

Most places have strict laws that require homeowners and construction contractors to use effective systems to contain dust during any construction project. It is to ensure the health of other people living near the house where a construction work is undergoing. Dust of some types of old construction materials release toxic and carcinogenic substances in the air. Homes constructed 3-4 decades back have toxic materials like lead and asbestos. If you fail to control the spread of dust during the construction project, you and your contractor can be penalised and fined.

Both large and fine particles are released during the construction process. Dust that builds up on the surfaces soaks up moisture from the air and provides conducive environment for the growth of mould, bacteria and virus. Use proper dust collection and containment solutions to avoid all these problems.